Monday, September 13, 2004

Major Media Parasites?

Major Media Parasites? ,

One of the best objections to the conclusion of my previous post about media secrecy is that the blogsphere is dependent on mainstream media for raw material on which the blogsphere comments. In this view, the blogsphere is like a biological parasite on major media. It can only critique the stories and information that major media provides. It can't generate it's own original information.

At this stage, I think this view is largely correct but I don't think it will last. Major media sets the agenda at present but it no longer controls it. With RatherGate, CBS started the story but the blogsphere raised questions about the authenticity of the memos. Very quickly the blogsphere begin producing new unique information.

First, the INDC Journal contacted a nationally known Forensic Document Examiner Dr. Philip Bouffard, the man who created the databases and software that forensic examiners across the nation use examine documents in criminal, court cases and historical research. Dr. Bouffard's cusory analysis helped trigger the interest major media organizations.

So right out of the gate, the blogsphere began to produce new information. In fact, this story is being propelled forward by original reporting originating within the blogsphere.

At this point in time, the blogsphere may exist as a parasite on major media but this is a temporary condition. I think what we are witnessing is the evolution of a new form of news media. The news media and blogsphere are evolving rapidly into a new form.

I think the critical idea is that the internet will undermine the secrecy that major media relies on for it's market advantage. Without secrecy major media cannot get paid. We will have to develop a new economic model for investigating and distributing news.