Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A Rose by Any Other Name

A lot of people seem to confused about about whether I am male or female. What is the gender of of someone who claims to be named "Shannon"?

The name can be either. It's derived from the old Gaelic and means "Wise One" or "old wise man" depending on whom you ask. The "Love" is most likely and Anglicization of the German Luft meaning "air" or the French "loup" meaning wolf but it might just be the English "love".

I like to think that my name translates as "Wise One of Love" spoken in a sleazy lounge singer's verbal lear. I always regretted not getting a PhD because I wanted to be able to sidle up to to people and say, "Hi! I'm Doctor Loooooovvvve!"

Just to clarify the gender issues, my spouse's name is Michaelynne and my children are named Riple*gh and Ryl*nt.