Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Blogging-25 hours later

I started this blog 25hrs ago and heres a few things I have learned in the interval. (In no particular order)

The rest of the blogsphere may not need professional editors but I sure as hell do.

Most people seem to assume your wearing pants.

Apparently, having a memorable name really helps people keep track of you in cyberspace.

You can't have to many blogs. I got invited to post on the Chicago Boyz group blog and so far it's working out well with only one fist fight breaking out.

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is the most efficient human being on the planet. Do not contact him unless you are prepared for an immediate response. I put up one post and then emailed Glenn I had started a blog like he suggested. I assumed he would not see my mail for hours or days and I expected him just to respond with a congratulatory email. Instead he posted a link to my blog literally within minutes and my one little post got slammed like a puppy in the rain colliding with the offensive line of the Greenbay Packers.

I've gotten 3,684 hits on very little content.

It's like my grandfather used to say, "Don't poke the bear until your ready to run."